Blue World City location is 14 km away from New Islamabad Airport. Blue World City Islamabad is located conveniently on Charki road. The housing society in Islamabad can also be visited from M2 motorway also known as Lahore – Islamabad motorway.

Location of Blue World City Islamabad is one of the easiest approach from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Travelling from Rawalpindi and Saddar area the housing society in Islamabad is about 35 mins drive only.


How Long does it take from Saddar  Rawalpindi ?

Distance of Blue World City from Saddar Rawalpindi

As the map points out, on a normal day its about 35 mins of drive from saddar to “BWC”. The road from Saddar comes straight to Charki road where the housing scheme is located in Islamabad. As there is another way of travelling from motorway and getting off Chakri interchange which is long but quick.


Directions of Blue World City and New Islamabad Airport

New Islamabad and Blue world City are just 25 mins wide apart on a sunny day.The road connection is very straight forward. Drive all the way on M2 Lahore – Islamabad motorway and get off junction 2 (Chakri Road ) interchange.


“BWC ” from Islamabad ?

Located 60 mins away from Islamabad

Blue world City is about 1 hour drive away from zero point Islamabad. The road is quite clear mostly and the route is straight forward. From Kashmir highway in Islamabad to all the way on the motorway. As you are getting of the chakri road junction, The housing scheme is about 5 mins away.


Map / Location and Ring Road


The proposed ring road of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is the game changer in this housing societies Location. With the development of new Islamabad ring road which will connect through the northern bypass of “BWC”.¬† The proposed ring road will bisect through Chakri road and straight onward to the newly developed Thallian Interchange.

With the inclusion of ring road in “BWC” the proposed journey time of all the locations above will be cut in to half. Hence reducing the travel time from Islamabad to BWC to only 25 mins. Similarly the travel from New Islamabad Airport to the newly made housing scheme will be around 20 mins maximum. Thus the location of the society is highly desirable while travelling from Lahore , New Airport or Islamabad.


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